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ISP is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit. Servicing the needs of those that are suffering from intense emotional pain since 2006.

First Self-Help for the
suicidal S.P.G.B.
and now 4 Phase.

4 Phase


Partner up with ISP and sponsor the S.P.G.B.
Printing and distribution of the, “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet”
International Suicide Prevention

Matthew D. Dovel President

What is the pocket self-help “Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet”? And, why is it important to support the printing and distribution of this new tool.

International Suicide Prevention 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit president and founder Matthew D. Dovel, suicide prevention expert since 1987 authored this booklet as a solution for those having suicidal thoughts but, they might be unable to ask for help. Endorsed by mental health professionals, doctors, and advanced behavioral studies experts as a viable solution to drastically reduce suicide rates.

This new booklet utilizes the newest technology available for addressing intense emotional suffering, which has been determined to be the cause of suicidal thoughts.

A suicide prevention self-help guide pocket booklet that can reduce or desensitize the emotions attached to a perceived traumatic experience or future anxiety creating incident, and it can change current behaviors through healthy new living habit techniques.

An unconventional holistic approach to address a human condition with easy to follow instructions

  • How to reduce suicide rates

  • Methods for promoting healthy mental behavior

  • How to identify an at risk individual

  • Procedures for reducing and/or eliminating suicidal thoughts

What value do people have?

It is estimated, by the United States Government that the financial loss/value is equal to $1.4 million dollars for each person lost to suicide!

Is some you care about worth the investment of $1.00?

Current sponsors of this project: Google, Allstate.



About “One Today” by Google helping raise funds to print the S.P.G.B.


Booklet online for review

| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (English)|
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Italian version) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Arabic) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Spanish version) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Russian version) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (French version) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Norwegian version) |
| Download S.P.G.B. Study Guide (Chinese version) |

Number of booklets for printing and distribution

Booklets cost just one dollar each!

Choose the recipient

  • Schools

  • Law Enforcement

  • Military/Vets

  • Other _______________________

Sponsor the printing and distribution to an organization or group of your choice

Military, VET's, Teens, Law Enforcement, and many more...

Teen Suicide Prevention Initiative

| Teen Suicide Prevention Initiative |

Demographics - Suicide facts

Clark County high school students 22,000 18% have admitted contemplating suicide.

High school students (U.S.A.) 14,800,000 5,000 suicides / 2,000,000 attempt yearly.

U.S. Military 1,400,000 active duty 800,000 reservist’s 1 suicide / 24 attempts per day.

Vets U.S. 27,000,000 23 suicides / 550 attempts per day.

MD’s (doctors in U.S.A.) 660,000 400 suicides a year.

Unemployed Americans 11,800,000 50% more likely than working to commit suicide.

Law enforcement 800,000 1 suicide every other day.


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Partnership to print self-help booklets (S.P.G.B.)

All donations are tax deductible, (ISP) is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit
tax ID: 20-4671131


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