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ISP is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit. Servicing the needs of those that are suffering from intense emotional pain since 2006.

First Self-Help for the
suicidal S.P.G.B.
and now 4 Phase.

4 Phase


Active Duty United States Military: Suicide

Active duty 1,400,000 reservists 800,000 of which, on average, 1 commit suicide and 23 attempt daily.

We can be doing better, more than we are! And, now there is a way you can get directly involved to make a difference.

You, your work, agency, town, city, state, entrepreneurs can raise one dollar?  One dollar helps one soldier get sent the NEW self-help "Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet"!

Endorsed by mental health professionals, doctors, and advanced behavioral studies experts as a viable solution to drastically reduce suicide rates.

A suicide prevention self-help guide pocket booklet that can reduce or desensitize the emotions attached to a perceived traumatic experience or future anxiety creating incident, and it can change current behaviors through healthy new living habit techniques.

An unconventional holistic approach to address a human condition with easy to follow instructions

  • How to reduce suicide rates
  • Methods for promoting healthy mental behavior
  • How to identify an at risk individual
  • Procedures for reducing and/or eliminating suicidal thoughts

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Community partners needed for self-help booklets
to be printed and distributed.

All donations are tax deductible, (ISP) is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit
tax ID: 20-4671131


 View Matthew D. Dovel's LinkedIn profileMatthew D. Dovel, president of ISP and, International Suicide Prevention Expert.

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