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What is different about ISP?

At ISP we are about quality of life. If you don't have your mental health, nothing else matters. Following the gidelines of Nu-Rekall® systems new methodology, we address the cause of mental disorders. When the cause is addressed, so are the symptoms.

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Three different treatments

Three different types of trauma require three different types of treatment.


For fears with no source memories. Examples of fear phobias; dogs, spiders, public speaking, snakes, bugs, flying, etc. We use the treatment EMR. Found in the Suicide Prevention Guide Booklet, now in multiple languages.

Single 15 Minute Trauma

If you've had a single traumatic event in your life you'd like to stop thinking about, 4 Phase is the treatment for you. This treatment takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is a single application so, no need to come back, and do it over. Symptoms of a single significant traumatic event; depression, anxiety and/or suicidal thoughts.

Multiple Trauma

If you've had multiple traumas in your life, and are experiencing symptoms like; P.T.S.D., manic, or bipolar then call and make an appointment. This treatment requires a video conferencing single session which takes 20 minutes to complete. (702)743-4340