If you are suicidal, depressed, full of anxiety, or are suffering from intense emotional pain.  Or, you know someone that is.  Or, you have lost someone to suicide.  Or, you want know why someone would commit suicide.  You have come to the right place.

Answers to these questions can be found here:

How to stop intense emotional suffering.
The only reason why someone would consider suicide.
How you can help someone who is suicidal, quickly.
How can you contribute your time, talent, and money.


No one is born with depression, or anxiety, they're a learned behavior, a learned response to a past experience and/or situation.

Memories have hierarchy, levels of intensity, all depending upon the individuals prior life experience up to the moment of a traumatic experience.  The greater the intensity of an event the more likely you are to being able to recall it.  Even if you'd like to forget about a past experience the recall keeps coming up?  That is until now!

What causes recall?  Any sensory data (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch), emotional state, or similar intensity associated with a prior traumatic event will cause a recall.  When recall happens often, depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms, and/or thoughts of self-harm occur.

At ISP, we utilize the most advanced mind science neuropsychology available Nu-Rekall™ that alters (lowers) past targeted memory trauma (a 15 minute or less past experience).  By doing so, recall ceases, and so do the associated symptoms: depression, anxiety, phobias, and coping mechanisms.  Nu-Rekall™ is noninvasive and non-medical.

  • Treatments are a single step process.
  • Treatments range from 5 to 20 minutes in length.
  • They can be facilitated in person, over the phone, via internet video conferencing, and/or through specific self-help.
  • Treatments to have no limitations on age (over 5), gender, race, time since incident, or severity.
  • Treatments are endorsed, test, proven, and permanent.
  • Extremely limited training courses in Nu-Rekall™ procedures now available. (call for pricing)

Emotional Suffering is now an option! Because, there is another way!



Just imagine, 2.7 million high school age children in the U.S.A. admit to considering suicide each year. That number is equivalent to the population of the city of Chicago, IL.  The huge number 2,700,000 is overwhelming for most people to even comprehend.

Fact: Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children 12-18 years of age. If you could help just one of these children choose another way, would you?


No parent should have to bury a child, especially due to a preventable cause of death.  No one can imagine the pain felt by a parent that has lost a child, unless you have lost a child yourself. Yet, it happens every single day.

Can you remember what it was like to be a teen? The struggle of fitting in, trying to figure out what you were going to do after high school, the peer pressures, testing, and sexuality?  What if we were to start to teach coping skills for these types of issues, to prepare our children for being adults?  Would you assist us in this movement?

Unlike other organizations, we are doing much more than just assisting in the tragic post-suicide family support grief. We are creating the first of its kind self-help app for mobile devices, focused mainly on the younger generations, and with your help we can offer real-time, anonymous, proven, and endorsed assistance to our youth.  Suicide Prevention app development
Call or email us now for information on how to be apart of the next generation suicide prevention.



The Military and Veterans of all Nations can suffer from P.T.S.D. giving their time, safety, and comfort to protect the values, and citizens of their countries.

In America, on average, 1 active duty member, and 22 Veterans, commit suicide each day!

It should never be acceptable for us to think that these numbers are the norm especially, when a solution is, and has, been in use for over a decade.  Don't YOU think these brave individuals deserve more than what they're getting for the service they've provided?

Fact: depression, anxiety, phobias, unwanted coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D., and suicidal ideation are now being treated with a permanent single step procedure, all within 5 to 20 minutes!


We know that past experiences can cause unwanted recall at inappropriate times triggering adverse reactions that appear to be seen a mentally unstable behavior but, the truth is by treating a reaction we will never address the issue.

What is NEW in neuropsychology:

[P.M.C.H.O.] Past Memory Cognitive Hierarchical Override is a NEW treatment for P.T.S.D. that works, 100% of the time, every time! On the link below is a video with this amazing NEW procedure in neuropsychology, from the company called Nu-Rekall™ being demonstrated on those that were suffering from years of this terrible affliction: "Got P.T.S.D.? We can now fix that!" Join us by getting this information and training to those that can help our troops and veterans NOW!



Imagine, each year, $422,800.000.00 million in taxes you've paid being spent on research to prevent suicides?

Imagine, for the past 15 years, in spite of ALL that money, the suicide rates have continued to go UP?

Is this just another example of misappropriation of public funds?

Wouldn't you rather see this money being given to expand new cutting edge programs designed to reduce costs, and actually prevent suicides?


We do more than just talk about helping.

We treat suicidal ideation over the phone!

We provide online anonymous treatments in several languages!

We provide post-suicide family support [which includes suicide scene cleaning]!

We provide FREE lectures to public schools, law enforcement, military, and government agencies!

ALL of our funding is provide by people just like you at a fraction of the cost of other organizations. And, have since 2006.


How ISP is different

At International Suicide Prevention we are a solution evidence based option for those that are suffering the most, utilizing treatments that truly work to prevent suicides.  We provide FREE Zero Suicide systems created by Nu-Rekall™ advanced neuropsychology mind science technologies that are noninvasive, and non-medical.

ISP is a nonprofit organization that exists through the generous support of donations given by people just like you.

Thank you for your support and for visiting our site;
Education, Support, and Solutions.


One more thing

Suicide affects all races, genders, and creeds. All people have value; with your help we can work together to reduce global Suicide rates.

Remember this; We use results based content that is the most effective advanced neuropsychology of our time, with proven NEW methodologies; proven, tested, and endorsed Nu-Rekall™.

We've started a movement educating the world with next generation suicide prevention options to treat suicidal ideation. Please join us!

Evolving humanity to the next level, one person at a time, guaranteed; receive peace of mind, and feel good now.